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Your Festival Program is about to get fuller by one show

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You woke up today wanting THIS 

Circus Show

The show demonstrates the following skills: Acrobatics, Juggling, Hand Stands, Hoops, Diabolo and Time Travel 


Great Plot

Doctor Shluk comes from the future with a mission to teach us about energy conservation. In order to keep the machine going he will simply HAVE TO amaze the crowd with his skills until his FUN-O-Meter is full


Doctor Shluk comes from the future with a mission to save the world. An energy expert with a time machine, here to teach us a lesson about Good Energy


Time Traveler Circus Show

News flash about YOUR FUTURE – Doctor Shluk’s time machine has helped him find out something about YOU – your festival program is about to get fuller by one show. An educational acrobatic circus show with a fun yet important message about the envirment – with the crazy Doctor Shluk – the only doctor you want to see again and again… 



Festival Organizers Say about Dr. Shluk

“A spectacular and fascinating show. This is already the second time we are inviting a show from you and enjoying every moment. Truly A champion.” Miri Dadon

“I had to go to the toilet and just couldn’t leave the show! I was fascinated and I am already 30 years old! The audience really takes part in the show,” Sabri

“Everyone enjoyed the show very much. We were delighted to see high quality and funny show in three languages: English, Hebrew and Arabic. Well done!!!” Benshalom

7 More Reasons to book Dr. Shluk

A Genuen Guy

Rotem Carmi –
Artistic Director for Be’er Sheva Fringe Festival
From the first moment Shluk was very professional in supplying me all the needed materials for the festival (photos, text, extra…) and I can truly say it was A pleasure working with him. He showed great flexibility what made my work much easier.

Phone Call Support

 Dr. Shluk is amazingly still taking his own calls even while time traveling. Use this phone number +972586444828

Email Friendly

Dr. Shluk knows you are busy – so we can get everything sorted over the email and in case you need him to bring you something from the future, just shoot him an email to:

Your Questions

What is the cost of the performance?

Doctor Shluk doesn’t mess around or waste your time. Here is a link to a table with the costs. 


How Long Is The Show

The length of the performance is 45 minutes but can be updated to the needs of your festival.

Is the show for kids or adults

Great question. Walt Disney used to tell me every time I visited “I do not make films primarily for children. I make them for the child in all of us, whether we be six or sixty.” 

What About The Language

It’s all about energy exchange. I give everything I have – The audience gives back full power.

Check for Availability

Live The Moment

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Is this show good for street festivals?

yes! of course. 

performing my art in the street is what I love doing best. 

Is the show good for outside or indoors

The Doctor Shluk show fits every stage, outdoor or inside, street floor or high stage.

Is The Show Scary?

only in the rare occasion one suffers from Chronophobia than it could be possible he will be scared from the idea of time traveling.

Doctor shluk what about Travel expenses?

For me it is wonderfully cheap to travel space and time because I use jolly energy waves to travel with my time machine.

Costs Table


One day

Two days 

Three days

1 show per day




2 shows per day




3 shows per day